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Samantha O'Neil's world is turned upside down when she discovers her husband, Liam "Whiskey" O'Neil, is alive after three years of believing he was lost forever. However, the joyous reunion takes a heartbreaking turn as Whiskey, haunted by the demons of his past, refuses to reconnect with Samantha and their son LJ.

As Samantha battles confusion and hurt, she is determined to remind Whiskey of the deep love they once shared. But Whiskey, grappling with PTSD and a profound sense of loss, returns home as a mere shell of the man he used to be.

On Serenity Mountain, Whiskey begins the arduous recovery journey, questioning the man he has become. His love for Samantha and LJ remains unwavering, yet he fears he can't be what his family needs. When an extraordinary opportunity beckons for Samantha, Whiskey must confront his past, overcome his fears, and rediscover the strength within to fight for the love he thought he lost. Can Whiskey rise above his obstacles, conquer his inner demons, and prove that love can triumph in the face of adversity?

Available 3/5/24

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