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Cassie Colton

Cassie Colton is a best-selling and award-winning author of romantic suspense, military, and contemporary romance. Always an avid book reader and storyteller, she worked for one of the happiest places on earth. There, she found her love for making magic and happily ever afters.

The Serenity Mountain Series begins her author journey, detailing the lives of former military men and women who have lost their way and found peace on Serenity Mountain. Like in every story, her characters have to fight through adversity to find happiness ever after.

Like life, Cassie writes about character struggles that sometimes become dark before they see the light, but she always provides a happy ending. She believes everyone deserves to find happiness and love because it is the only thing worth fighting for.

She now lives in Virginia with her wonderful family and service dog, Leia. She enjoys gardening, flowers, cooking, and learning about beekeeping.

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